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  • Blue Forest Ltd have established a reputation as one of the world’s leading luxury tree house design and construction companies. We work closely with clients to develop, design and deliver innovative schemes that generate both social and commercial value.

    Our services are tailor made to meet the needs of individual clients:

  • Tree House Design & Construction

    We provide ‘turn-key’ design and build solutions for a wide variety of tree house projects, from fantasy play areas to romantic hideaways, exclusive accommodation for the hotel and leisure industry and inspiring eco-classrooms.

    • Private Tree Houses have always been a symbol of imagination and creativity. We aim to unlock our clients imaginations, transporting them into a treetop world above the stresses of everyday life. Our design team will work with you to create a bespoke scheme designed around your garden, ideas and requirements. If you are interested in finding out more we would be happy to arrange an initial consultation in order to listen to your ideas and ambitions, present a selection of our past projects, discuss financial budgets, planning issues and timescales, etc. Please see our FAQs for more information.
    • Commercial Blue Forest is an award winning company, although we have a heritage in the design and construction of luxury tree houses  we are happy to consider sustainable timber buildings of all types. We are happy to consider projects around the world and have undertaken contracts as far a-field as Panama, The Maldives, Borneo and Malawi.Blue Forest currently offers a unique design and build service to two main commercial market sectors categorised as follows:
    • 1. The School and Education Market
      Our developments offer a unique opportunity to learn about and experience sustainability in an enjoyable and inspirational environment.Clients include: NHS, Countryside Education Trust, Benenden School, Felton Fleet School, Cranleigh School.
    • 2. The Hotel and Leisure Market
      We have undertaken a wide range of projects from exclusive tree house accommodation for clients such as Centre Parcs and Chewton Glen to adventure play areas for Bicester Village, Sir Harold Hillier Gardens and Birr Castle.
  • Architectural Services

    Blue Forest have a large amount of experience in sustainable design and are happy to consider projects on a ‘Design Only’ or ‘Design & Build’ basis.

    We offer an individually tailored service to each of our clients, built around a straightforward framework for delivery which follows the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) stages of work:

    • Define – In this critical stage we assist our clients in establishing the delivery team and identifying and engaging with stakeholders. We then help them to articulate their design & budget parameters and identify the critical success factors (CSF’s) of achieving a balanced sustainable development.
    • Design – At the design stage we work with our clients to master plan the scheme and produce concept designs which are suitable to take to planning.
    • Develop – At this stage we offer our clients the opportunity to fine-tune their schemes into truly sustainable developments.
    • Deliver – Finally, during delivery we provide all that is required to drive the scheme through building control and provide the relevant expertise to take the project through the construction phase to completion.

    Blue Forest specialise in designing and developing schemes which  not only meet the functional and commercial requirements of our clients,  but also act as an example of a well-managed, inspirational, and genuinely sustainable development.

    “We always wanted the tree house design to be inspirational and sustainable and an education in itself. Now we have the reality and it is more amazing than we could have imagined! Everyone’s reaction, whether young or old has been ‘wow’. I am delighted.”

    David Bridges, Director, Countryside Education Trust.

  • Planning Consultancy

    We are happy to provide consultancy and project management services for special projects.

    Most recently we completed the design and managed the construction of the Tongole Wilderness Lodge in Malawi. The lodge itself has been built from the red earth upon which it stands, whilst its rock, wood and thatch has also been sourced, wherever possible, from the Lodge’s immediate environs. Tongole is the only high-end facility of its kind in the region, drawing those who seek an exceptional wilderness experience in one of Africa’s – and possibly Malawi’s last – truly unspoilt wildlife areas.

  • Treehouse Maintenance

    Blue Forest offer a professional tree house maintenance packages. We strongly recommend that your valuable tree house is maintained professionally every 2-3 years to ensure the tree(s) remain healthy and that you are able to safely enjoy the structure for many more years to come.