Behind-The-Scenes Drone Filming: Capturing Our Treehouses from the Air

Our treehouses most certainly look great from the air! Unveiling a new treehouse project is something we always really look forward to – not only is it incredible to see the owners enjoying their special hideaway, but when our fans and followers engage with our creative work upon the release of new images then we know we’ve created something really special.


These days, there are some fantastic opportunities to show off our designs in new and innovative ways and we’ve really discovered the benefits of seeing our treehouses from a birds-eye view – bring on the drones, we say. We have worked with the talented guys at Prospect Arts and White House Studios to create some fantastic treehouse videos featuring footage filmed with drones; take a look here.


Prospect Arts based in the South East use the latest in drone technology and have a wealth of experience in the fields of aerial filming in a variety of locations around the world, with a particular focus on conservation and charity projects.


Whitehouse Studios are based in Scotland and are a talented team of professionals who have helped us film and photograph a number of our projects in the north, such as this cool timelapse video of the bridge installation at Dalkeith Country Park.


We’ve been keen to create some more videos however, so this week we’ve taken full advantage of the sunshine and we’ve been filming at The Magic Home, Timbertop Hangout, Happy Days Nursery and The Neverland Treehouse. We’re still in the process of editing but you can take a sneak peek at the Timbertop Hangout video here.