The Amerley Castle treehouse, built an designed by Blue Forest, lies in the grounds of the castle. The exterior of Amerley Castle treehouse, built an designed by Blue Forest, features hand-split oak shingles The Amerley Castle treehouse, built an designed by Blue Forest, has a swing seat to relax on. Amberley Castle treehouse, built and designed by Blue Forest, has a comfy window seat.

Amberley Castle Tree House

  • Tree House – Hideaway and Retreat

    Location: West Sussex

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    The Amberley Castle Tree House is a real fairytale hideaway. Located in the grounds of the already enchanting Amberley Castle Country Hotel in Sussex, this treehouse captures and enhances the romantic charm of the hotel with its stoic buildings nestled in the bushes, trees and flowers in the gardens.

    A rustic design to tie together the hotel and the surrounding vista

    Both the interior and exterior walls have have been finished with sustainable cedar wood panelling, arranged vertically, to add height to the tree house. The exterior features irregularly placed hand-split oak shingles on the lower half to break up the space and encourage balance with the rough bark of the surrounding trees.

    Notes of the Amberley Castle hotel’s stately design and luxury style are repeated in the interior decor of the tree house, creating a subtle sense of continuity. The chairs inside the main room of the treehouse are made of a dark timber with dark blue and green tartan covers. The drapes are designed to match and dark wood tables compliment the chairs.

    The nestled window seat is an open invitation for relaxation and reflection. Low profile and recessed halogen lighting provides the ideal atmosphere for reading.

    Antlers mounted to the wall add further rustic charm, enhanced by the traditional water reed thatched roof. The bound reeds add a rougher element to the soft interior.

    A tree house designed to be discovered

    Emerging from the foliage and taller flowers, the treehouse is built at branch height of the tree that supports it. This gives the impression, when it first appears, that it were a hidden tower from a fairytale storybook.

    The solid oak, gothic arched windows lend an added mystery and historic feel to the design, a conscious nod to the nearby castle.

    Access to the main building is via a spiral staircase leading to a second deck and rope bridge.

    The wave shaped handrails soften some of the more uniform, linear contours and contributes to the building’s magical and unusual air.

    Perfect for a relaxing afternoon, but also great weddings and private functions

    With views of a nearby lake and a wildlife haven, the Amberley Castle Treehouse is a lovely spot for hotel guests to engage in wildlife watching or simply enjoying a cup of tea and a good book.

    The treehouse can however, also be rented out by guests for private functions, dinners, weddings and corporate events.

    The space below the treehouse forms its own enclosed private space and the featured swing seat is a playful bonus.

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