Basil’s Bar

  • Blue Forest – Bespoke Design

    Location: The Goring, London

    Form Of Contract: Individual Terms

    A recreation of the world famous drinking hole Basil’s Bar in Mustique, created exclusively for The Goring Hotel in London. The bar features a huge polished driftwood counter and rustic thatched roof. The interior of the Basil’s bar tree house , whilst inspired by Basil’s, has been given some quirky touches of its own by Blue Forest’s imaginative designers, featuring retro beach memorabilia and hand painted shabby chic signs.

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  • Built approximately 10 years ago, this is a fantastic example of how regular maintenance will help prolong the life of your treehouse. The original structure was not built by Blue Forest and there are a number of problems with the structural support system, which mean the treehouse art studio has been significantly affected by the growth of the host tree.

  • We have called this the Fibonacci Tree House! The organic shape was inspired by the geometry of the “Fibonacci Spiral”. This is a logarithmic spiral often found in nature, for example in the form of a snails shell.

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