The bedroom of the Tongole Wilderness Lodge in Malawi, a treehouse designed by Blue Forest.

Tongole Wilderness Lodge

  • Eco-Lodge – Hotel & Leisure

    Location: Malawi

    Located deep within the dynamic and breath-taking Miombo woodland of the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve in Malawi, this eco-tourism lodge pays tribute to the luscious landscape it is set in with breathtaking, eco friendly design. As part of a rejuvenation project initiated by The Tongole Foundation, a charity that is devoted to improving the lives of people living in the local communities, the Tongole Wilderness Lodge has created jobs and training opportunities.

    Merging Malawian aesthetics with the dramatic and natural setting…

    When Blue Forest designed the Tongole Wilderness Lodge it was a priority to blend the beauty of its natural setting with the rich local culture of Malawi – “The Warm Heart of Africa”. As a result, the lodge incorporates the available resources, giving authenticity to the decor and firmly rooting the lodge in its environment.

  • Built using the red earth on which it sits, the lodge emerges from the scenery yet remains a part of it. Wherever possible the rock, wood and thatch has been sourced from the immediate environs to construct the lodge, in keeping with its connection to the setting.

    More than just a design service…

    Blue Forest put expertise in contemporary design to use on this project, but also offered other services that were important to completion. In addition to the planning and design aspects of the task we also ventured our consultancy and project management services. This project was very important to us as Malawi’s unspoilt natural wildlife areas are in a severe decline. We wanted to create something that worked with the environment rather than against it.

    Malawi’s last true wilderness in the heart of Africa…

    This wonderful eco-lodge is the only high-end facility in the region that allows guests to experience the exceptional wilderness without disrupting it. The long term aim of the lodge is to benefit communities in the area and the conservation of the amazing wildlife through sustainable tourism.

    The effort put into the sustainability of this project has been rewarded with awards for best ecologically responsible property and community focused property. The Tongole Wilderness Lodge is an excellent example of the good work we do at Blue Forest and how our structures can be so much more than just a tree house.

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  • What To Do:

    A number of different wildlife safaris are available to arrange, including bird safaris, canoe safaris and walking safaris. Fly fishing days can also be arranged, as well as trips into the local Malawian community.

    Accommodation Capacity:

    Tongole Wilderness Lodge features four luxury riverside suites which sleep two adults as well as a beautiful two-bedroom family cottage.


    Tongole Lodge offers full catering with Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and four-course Dinner, all home cooked by trained chefs using local produce.

    Bathroom Facilities:

    All rooms are en-suite with a spacious shower, twin marble basins, flushable lavatory and a large hand-built sunken bath.


    Every room has a fantastic wooden deck area offering stunning views over the river and forest.


    Free Wi-Fi for guests.

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