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  • Blue Forest – Bespoke Design

    Location: Surrey

    Form of Contract: Design Only

    Kidspace approached Blue Forest to provide an exciting design solution for the development of Hobbledown. They had been struggling to find a company with the creativity and experience they required and were delighted with what the Blue Forest team were able to propose.

    Kidspace operate two of the largest indoor adventure playgrounds in the UK. The company are looking to expand in to an outdoor venue through the purchase of the site at Horton Park Farm. Horton Farm Children’s Park covers an area of 13.44 hectares. A key part of the proposed re-development is the  replacement of existing play structures (a multitude of plastic, timber and  steel play sets, climbing frames and  swings and slides etc) with a specifically designed and well coordinated adventure playground and natural sand and water play area.  Key considerations include the selection and sourcing of materials, management practice, compliance with environmental legislation, energy use,  transport, biodiversity, conservation and waste management.

    Kidspace had a number of objectives for the regeneration of the Farm which have influenced the design response and appearance of the play structures.

    • The new play structures should be designed to be natural, adventurous, exciting and experiential. They should fit into the farm park environment and create a unique visitor experience, combining education, play and adventure.
    • Where possible to employ natural geometry to maximise the relationship between the spaces and their natural farm setting.
    • All regeneration to the farm should be done with a principles of balanced sustainable development at its centre finding the equilibrium between environmental and social impact financial viability, total lifecycle cost and economic benefit.

    Hobbledown will be  primarily constructed from natural timber materials mainly  FSC / PEFC timber and neutrally coloured netting.  There will be no visible plastic and brightly coloured play equipment (slides etc). Where proposed, these items will be fabricated from stainless steel.

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