Our Interior Designer Interviewed By Marie Claire USA

We were very proud when Flo, our Interior Designer, was contacted by journalist Yael Kohen in New York for her Marie Claire Magazine article ‘In Your Dreams’.  Yael was looking to speak to three women with interesting and unique careers and a Treehouse Interior Designer certainly ticked all the boxes! Flo was interviewed by Yael over a Skype call and they talked about what it’s like to work up in the trees.

In the article, Flo features alongside Liz Lutz, an Aerial Photographer, and Chief Taste Expert Eleanor Freeman – it’s certainly an interesting read! You can read Yael’s article by clicking on this link to our press page.  Here’s a quick quote taken from the interview:

On any given workday, Flo Kentish, 29, can be found out- doors whizzing down a slide, wandering through a wooden maze, or floating from point A to point B via zip line. Kentish isn’t slacking. She gets paid to play: As luxury tree-house company Blue Forest’s interior designer, Kentish is simply testing her team’s creations.

That sort of merriment is encouraged, and reliving her childhood is a big part of Kentish’s job (she cites Pete’s Dragon, a 1977 Disney movie about an orphan raised by a dragon, as a film that sparks her creative juices). “It’s about nostalgia. It’s remembering what we, as a design team, would really love if we were kids,” she says. “Like, Oh, we loved Nerf guns, so why don’t we make a Nerf gun secret room with secret hatches and fingerprint entry?