Shar Maytum

Meet our Office Manager

Shar Maytum joined Blue Forest in 2014 as office manager. Often referred to as “the glue that binds us all together”, Shar is an expert at using her bubbly personality to ensure our team of designers, dreamers and builders are supported by seamless company operations.

Q: So how did you come to work for such a unique and creative company like Blue Forest?

I had been made redundant from my previous job when an agency contacted me asking if I would like to be put forward for a role with a local design and build company. I came to meet Andy, Simon and Will for the interview …and the rest is history!

Q: Day-to-day, what’s it like working at Blue Forest?

It’s lots of fun; sometimes frantic, sometimes calm, with the most amazing coffee to help us along the way!

Q: What’s the best thing about your job?

It’s too tough to choose just one thing! For me it’s a combination of the people, the variety and the office location.

Q: I am sure you’re given all kinds of briefs and fantastical requests. Are there ever any projects that have you thinking: “It’s impossible, we’ll never manage that!”?

No, we all have the same ethos. If the client (or us) can dream it, we can build it!

Q: Which is your favourite Blue Forest project and why?

The Pool View Treehouse gets my vote. The setting is beautiful, it appeals to a wide range of ages and has something for everyone.

Q: What would your dream treehouse look like?

A combination of Fibonacci curves and elven style turrets and balconies, with an amazing zip wire and hammocks.

Q: Complete the sentence: “Every treehouse should have a ….?”

… secret entrance!