‘I’m Still Teased That My Mummy Got Me The Job!’ Meet Our Treehouse Contracts Manager

Charlie has been with us for just under a year now, working hard to make sure that every Blue Forest treehouse project is delivered on time and within budget. A family man at heart, (Charlie and lovely wife Abi are being kept busy at the moment with new baby Imogen) his positive attitude and sense of humor makes him the perfect guy for the job. We catch up with him to see how he’s been enjoying things:

How did you come to work for Blue Forest?

I actually applied for a job at Blue Forest four years ago, however they weren’t hiring at the time. Since then, I’ve always followed Blue Forest on Facebook and loved the work that was produced by the team. By chance, I was at Chelsea Flower Show last year when I saw their treehouse exhibition. My Mum was with me at the time and gave Andy a hard time for not hiring me!

A few weeks later, Blue Forest announced that they were looking for a Contracts Manager so I jumped at the chance and applied again. Fortunately, I got through the interview stages this time and was offered the position. To this day I’m still teased by the team that my Mummy got me the job!

What’s it been like working with treehouses so far?

In a word…EPIC. All the projects we produce are 100% bespoke and no job is the same. Working so closely with the design team it’s great to have an active input in the projects. It’s rewarding to know that I’ve contributed to making a client’s dreams come true. Of course, we work hard and there are tough days, we are in the construction industry after all! However the satisfaction on handing over a project is like no other I have had in the industry. Also I get to test out zip-wires, fireman’s poles and slides. You don’t get that working in London!

What’s been your favourite moment about the job so far?

For me my two favourite moments that give me the job satisfaction is the first day on site and the last. There is so much excitement from the client when on day one you break ground as their dream is finally becoming a reality. That excitement is only topped when you do the final handover visit and they get to finally start spending time in their dream hideaway. All of the in between work is a distant memory when you hand the keys over and say “Welcome to your new treehouse!”

What do people say when they hear you’re a Treehouse Contracts Manager?

Everyone has a preconceived idea of what a treehouse looks like, people often imagine a shed in a tree when I tell them what I do. It’s only when you show a photo of our works of art that their faces light up and their minds are blown. The reaction is always the same – “That is such a cool job!”

What would your dream treehouse look like?

My dream treehouse project would have to be nestled within a huge old tree, maybe a willow or a mighty Oak. There would be multiple turrets, dressed with copper roofs and gothic style windows. A crows nests perched at the very top of the tree to give views as far as the eye can see. There would of course need to be a zip-wire from the crow’s nest that travels above the rope bridge leading to the satellite deck. An internal fireman’s pole would allow for a quick descent if the situation required it!

A trap door would be a must as every man cave needs multiple exits! Once all the playing and dreaming is done for the day, I would fall back in a comfy leather chesterfield sofa with a cold beer from the fridge while I watch films projected onto the wall and wait for all the fun to start again.