The Lake District Treehouse, built and designed by Blue Forest, sits nestled high in the treetops. The Lake District Treehouse, built and designed by Blue Forest, sits nestled high in the treetops. The Lake District Treehouse, built and designed by Blue Forest, has a bark-like physical texture which imitates the surrounding trees.

Lake District Tree House

  • Tree house – Hideaway and retreat

    Location: Lake District

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    The naturally impressive landscape of the Lake District is reflected throughout this Blue Forest eco-friendly tree house. The Lake District Tree House is a unique hideaway in North West England in one of the most popular tourist spots in the country, surrounded by protected forests, woods and lakes.

    Rich with historic beauty, the Lake District has attracted romantic poets like William Wordsworth, Samuel Coleridge and Robert Southey, who all drew inspiration from the pastoral views.

    Paying homage to history with traditional materials and gothic styled features

    The elegant, curved shape sits in the treetops as if it was a secret fairytale character’s home. Branches surround the structure and rise up within it, creating privacy in an open space by concealing it in natural formations.

    The Lake District Tree House features a traditional thatched roof, a rarer and rarer sight in modern Britain, and gothic arched windows and doors. The exterior walls are decorated with layered wooden panelling, made from cedar shingles, in order to break up the single rounded shape of the build while adding a bark-esque visual and physical texture.

    A secret treehouse hideaway for restful getaways

    A winding staircase leads from ground level to the treehouse and directly onto an ample wooden deck overlooking a magnificent garden in the surrounding woodland. A rope handrail on the staircase introduces a robust softness to the hard wood structure while capturing the traditional treehouse feel.

    The welcoming deck is the perfect place to spend long summer evenings, reading books, exchanging stories or as the perfect hideaway for stargazing and peaceful rest in the fresh air. This retreat is a captivating and enchanting addition at the end of this Lake District garden.

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