Things You Didn’t Know About The Team Who Build Amazing Treehouses

An organisation is only as good as the people who make it, and Blue Forest has a very talented and hard working team dedicated to designing the most magical and amazing treehouses. We’re a fun bunch, and we’ve all got our own quirks and personalities. Here are 10 things you might not have known about us:


Blue Forest director Andy competed in a national motor cross endurance competition in Japan, where he was the only foreigner out of 300 contestants. He got absolutely thrashed by the Japanese national champion. But it’s the taking part that counts.

2. Charlie

Our Contracts Manager Charlie has double joined thumbs and left university with a degree in boat design. Both essential skills for managing the build of amazing treehouses!

3. Catherine

Catherine once accidentally got mistaken for a sewing judge at a Women’s Institute meeting and had to watch the fashion show, assess their DIY projects and select a winner – all the while pretending that she actually knew what she was talking about. She got some excellent walnut and coffee cake at the end so it was worth it.

4. Matthew

An expert in his field, our 3D Architectural Designer Matthew is a part time blogger and posts about all things design and graphics. You can check out his work here. Here’s a brilliant photo-realistic image he created:

5. Matt

Finally, Matt once got pushed off the top of a jungle bungee jump in Thaliand – he started having second thoughts about the jump which was 50 ft over a deep lagoon. Just as he was turning away from the edge, the rep clearly decided that Matt was going to do the jump after all and gave him a shove:

6. Will

Our Director Will is actually part of a double act – that’s right folks, there’s two of them! Will has an identical twin who also has a keen interest in outdoor sports. Here he is kite surfing… or it might be his twin, we’re not sure…

7. Flo

Among her many other talents, our Interior Designer Flo is able to lick her own elbow – a rare trait that her sister also has. There’s some good elbow-licking flexibility genetics going on in that family.

8. Shar

Daredevil Office Manager Shar overcame vertigo (for a brief moment anyway) to do a skydive from 14,500 feet over Noosa Beach in Australia:


9. Simon

Simon is in fact fluent in Spanish. Before he started working with Andy building amazing treehouses, he worked for a charity in Central America and has eaten, among other things, Aardvark. Which he confirmed was crunchy on the outside and squidgy in the middle. Yummy.

10. Mari

Architectural Assistant Mari came face to face with a real life wild shark when she was diving along the Great Barrier Reef in Australia on her travels after University.