Tree House Maintenance Before and After

Tree House Maintenance

  • Blue Forest offer a comprehensive tree house maintenance service. If well looked after then your tree house will provide many years of enjoyment for the whole family. However, over time the host tree(s) will grow and change and if the structure is not adjusted and maintained this may have a negative impact on the support points, deck and host tree(s).

    Tree house maintenance is required every year to ensure the structure and tree(s) remain safe and secure for years to come, and more importantly that its users are not put at any risk.

    Specialist equipment and trained personnel are required for certain maintenance activities. As part of our maintenance agreement we will inspect your tree house and provide a written report with recommendations and a quotation for any remedial work required.

    If neglected or not correctly maintained the safety and integrity of the tree house structure and tree(s) may be compromised, which could result in serious injury.