• Treehouse FAQs

  • Do Blue Forest only design and build treehouses?

    Our primary expertise is in building luxury treehouses but we have designed and built everything including treehouse hotels, woodland playgrounds, treehouse classrooms, canopy walkways and eco-lodges. So no matter what your interest, sit back and let your imagination run wild because we love a challenge!

  • What services do you offer?

    Blue Forest’s uniquely tailored service provides a turnkey solution, where everything from design and planning to construction and commissioning comes in an easy, reliable and professional package to ensure that you end up with a truly amazing treehouse.

  • Do I need a mature tree to support my treehouse?

    Not necessarily. The structure can be supported on stilts if the tree is not suitable or if the trees are protected.

    Over the years we have developed a number of highly specialised construction methods enabling us to limit the stress caused to the host tree, whilst maintaining the look, feel and experience of a ‘true’ treehouse.

  • Is planning permission required?

    If you are planning to build an elevated structure in the trees it will require planning permission. If you would like a ground based building, planning will depend on its location, its size, the height of the structure and what you intend to use it for. We are very happy to offer advice and guidance and if required act as agents on your behalf during the planning process.

  • How much will it cost?

    That’s entirely up to you, the sky is the limit! All Blue Forest treehouses are bespoke which means we are unable to give a definite price until we have completed a full site survey but our prices start from approx. £30,000. We are happy to work around your budget to ensure we create the perfect treehouse for you.

  • What is the process and how long does it all take?

    The process can take some time so it’s always worth thinking ahead. Firstly, a member of the team will visit you to discuss your ideas and to undertake a survey of the location. Following this, we aim to provide you with a full set of plans and an itemised quotation within 2-3 weeks. If you choose to proceed there can be a wait of up to 3 months (depending on the time of year) until we are able to commence construction.  On average, construction takes between 6-12 weeks depending on the size of your project.

  • Do you only build in the UK?

    We mainly work in the UK and in Europe but we have also worked on a number of projects across the world, as far afield as Panama, The Maldives, Borneo and Malawi. We would be happy to talk to you if you are located outside the UK. We also offer a design or architectural consultancy service for customers who are further afield if required.

  • Once built, do you offer maintenance?

    Yes, we have a comprehensive treehouse maintenance service. Treehouse maintenance is required every year to ensure the structure and tree(s) remain safe and secure for years to come, and more importantly that its users are not put at any risk.