Blue Forest’s Favourite Treehouse Design Instagram Feeds

Showcasing the very best in treehouse design and outdoor inspiration, these are the Instagram accounts that we love to follow…

Forest + Found

If you love woodworking and making amazing things out of natural materials, this account is definitely one to follow. Founded by artists Max Bainbridge and Abigail Booth, Forest + Found focuses on wooden objects sculpted using hand tools.


Pete The Chippy

Pete has built dozens of Blue Forest’s tree house and is a closet Instagram king! He has been snapping his work for a while now with a loyal fan base following his account – with the occasional bulldog puppy picture, you can’t go wrong here. Pete was one of the original members of the Tree Team which you can watch over on our YouTube channel.


The Treehouse Movement

A great feed showcasing some of the most unusual and distinctive treehouse designs from around the world. A great account to look at if you are building your own treehouse design scrapbook and are looking for inspiration. Follow them here.


The Cabin Chronicles

This account is perfect to follow if you love the wild and rustic outdoors. Escapism at its best. With the occasional treehouse thrown in for good measure.


Treehouse Pete

Pete Nelson’s Instagram feed documents his awesome treehouse designs. There’s also some great family pics, behind-the-scenes pics from his TV show too. Take a look at our interview with Pete here.

Not forgetting Blue Forest, of course…

We’re assuming that if you love treehouses and you’re fan of our work, then you’re already following us on our own Instagram feed. But here’s the link just in case!