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  • Maintenance service

    Location: Kent

    Form Of Contract: Individual Terms

    Built approximately 10 years ago, this is a fantastic example of how regular maintenance will help prolong the life of your treehouse. The original structure was not built by Blue Forest and there are a number of problems with the structural support system, which mean the treehouse art studio has been significantly affected by the growth of the host tree.

    We have carried out a number of maintenance contracts on the treehouse over the years. These include the addition of a deeper eaves around the edge of the roof, the addition of a combination of different external timber cladding materials on the exterior of the structure, replacement of the original doors with a  gothic arched window styling and waterproofing and timber treatment. Further to this we have worked to improve the waterproofing of the roof, particularly where the tree passes through the structure.

    Please contact us for more information about Blue Forest’s maintenance services.

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