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Badger’s Den Tree House

  • Tree House – Just For Fun

    Location: Surrey

    Form of Contract: Individual Terms

    The Badger’s Den Tree House fits in perfectly at the back of a family garden. It is a traditional children’s tree house, in the style of a rustic log cabin. The interiors have been fitted out as a playroom and is furnished with child-sized play furniture and cozy cushions. A gentle spiral staircase is the main access to the deck and tree house. Alternative means of access and escape are via a cargo net and slide from the second deck in a nearby tree! A trap door in the base of the Badger’s Den Tree House has also been added for some extra fun.

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  • The Crazy Decks Tree House, created by Blue Forest, stands on top of a gentle hill, and creates an access from the top to the bottom of a garden. The tree house, starting point to the path, provides the owners with a wide view over the garden, and with a wonderfully adventurous playground for the children.

  • Built round a 300-year-old oak the 15ft long, oval-shaped, treetop dining tree house is reached by a  wide spiral staircase that sweeps round the girth of the tree.

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