The Fairytale Castle treehouse, built and designed by Blue Forest, is built around a central tree which provides a focal point for the main room. The Fairytale Castle treehouse, built and designed by Blue Forest, has a spiral staircase leading up to a viewing platform. The Fairytale Castle treehouse, built and designed by Blue Forest, has a four metre solid oak Gothic arched window. The Fairytale Castle treehouse, built and designed by Blue Forest, is built in an exotic secret garden. The exterior of the Fairytale Castle treehouse, built and designed by Blue Forest, is dominated by a six metre high tower.

Fairytale Castle Tree House

  • Tree House – Bespoke Luxury

    Location: Basingstoke

    Form of contract: Individual Terms

    The Fairytale Castle Tree House is reminiscent of the type of fantastical structure normally associated with folklore or fairy tale stories. Our design team relish the opportunity of turning peoples dreams into a reality and we loved working on this dramatic structure for the young at heart.

    Our “fairytale castle” play area is a luxury, adventure tree house built inside an amazing secret garden, full of lush undergrowth and tall ferns which enclose the area and build on its mysterious, almost undiscovered presence.

    Both indigenous and exotic plants spread through the grounds where deer, grouse and pheasant can often be seen wandering nearby.

    An amazing treehouse built around the trees

    The Fairytale Castle Tree House is full of character, having been constructed around a central tree which acts as the focal point for one of its main rooms. Small trees branch up through the exterior decking, forming part of the balance between nature and the man-made, without interfering with play.

    This treehouse is a far cry from a basic playhouse. Its exterior is dominated by a grand, six meter high tower with a beautiful, four meter solid oak Gothic arched window.

    Adjacent is a smaller window to allow plenty of light into the ‘castle’, while a further bay window at one end of the treehouse is ideal as a viewing room or lookout spot for young adventurers not ready to return to the real world.

    Part of the fun of a treehouse is climbing the spiral staircases and leaping from zip wires

    Inside the “fairytale castle” a spiral staircase winds upwards, granting access to a viewing platform at the top in the high tower.

    From there views stretch out over the treetops. And once you are finally ready to come back down to earth, Blue Forest has included a last bit of excitement with a 45 meter zip wire! Extending from treehouse to garden, children (and brave adults) can zip safely through the sky.

    This fairytale castle has a low environmental impact

    The structure works harmoniously with the environment it is built in, merging with the natural flora and emerging magically in the branches of one of nature’s most stoic creations.

    Blue Forest’s custom designs mean each treehouse is unique and belongs to its environment. Having such an unusual and exotic garden at its feet, the Fairytale Tree House is one of the more elaborate and illustrative examples of what a modern luxury treehouse can be.

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