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Living the Highlife Tree House

  • Tree house: Bespoke luxury

    Location: Hertfordshire

    Form of contract: Individual Terms

    This upscale ‘Living the Highlife’ treehouse project is designed for luxurious family living with different areas that cater to the whole family.

    The design brief was to provide an aerial complex for family enjoyment and an unusual venue for entertaining friends.

    An extensive, multi-purpose complex

    Perhaps the most striking thing about this project is that it is not one treehouse, but rather two distinct treetop havens, each with their own unique features.

    Of the two separate lofty retreats, one is for the children and one is for their parents, so every member of the family has an area specifically designed for them.

    The fairytale children’s tree house features a secret trapdoor leading to a games room. Inside, the room is fully equipped, complete with a plasma television and games console, meaning that the complex is also a great place for the kids to hang out and relax with their friends… and not that bad for the ‘adults’ either!

    The adults’ tree house is fully furnished to be a spectacular venue for treetop dinner parties and a large and comfortable living area for entertaining. The adults’ retreat also features a kitchen and a toilet, giving the owners the ability to host their guests from start to finish in their impressive treetop venue.

    The two treehouses are connected by a dramatic canopy walkway which takes the form of several interconnecting rope bridges that weave between the trees and look out over the beautiful surrounding scenery.

    As well as gazing out over the dramatic vistas of the garden, the decks also lead to a raised assault course. An eighty-yard zip wire descends from a crow’s nest that sits above a balcony and leads down to an exciting adventure trail.

    A stunning and powerful design

    In terms of building design, the adult treehouse has a stunning conical thatched roof and its walls are clad in hand-split oak shingles and cedar tongue-and-groove boards.

    The aesthetic ends up being an interesting fusion of safari lodge treehouse design and a kind of idealised medieval fantasy.

    The children’s treehouse is particularly evocative of this style, with its three differently sized conical towers giving the complex a fairytale quality.

    This hint of the unreal is also felt in the adults’ tree house, which dramatically features trunk of the host tree rising through the main room, giving the room an impressive and powerful atmosphere.

    The “Living The Highlife Tree House” was a great opportunity for the Blue Forest team to demonstrate our ability to create bold and complex structures infused with character and personality.

    If you would like to discuss a design for your own treehouse, or if you simply have any queries, please contact us.

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