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Tanglewood Tree House

  • Tree House – Hideaways & Retreats

    Location: Tanglewood

    Form of Contract: Individual Terms

    Tanglewood Tree House features three different decks, and a “crow’s nest” lookout. The house is meant for parents to relax in, while the children play and move around on the decks, thanks to an access through rope bridges. It has been built to be suitable for year-round use and is equipped with a television for wet-weather entertainment.

    The two separate decks are built around a tree each, while the main house stands on a tree and a self-supporting platform. This allows a bigger and safer floor to play on, with access both from a staircase and a secret trapdoor in the house. It is equipped with an extensive veranda from where the grown-ups can enjoy wonderful views of the garden.

    On one of the decks, a slide and a fireman’s pole offer quick run-away options to the children.

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