Treetops Tree House

  • Tree House – Just For Fun

    Location: Cumbria

    Form Of Contract: Individual Terms

    This picturesque treetops tree house is set in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside and was featured as part of Discovery Channel’s ‘Tree Team’ series.

    The main structure of the tree house has been built about 4 meters off the ground just to one side of the main tree. The exterior of the treetops tree house is finished with a combination of rustic sawn “waney edge” timber cladding and cedar shingles set in a random style, whilst the inside is lined with soft wood tongue and groove cladding. A secondary drinks deck for the adults has also been built and is connected to the treehouse via an exciting rope bridge. The drinks deck is set high up in a pine tree on the edge of a rocky outcrop with fantastic views back towards the client’s home and out across the countryside.

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