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  • The EcoPerch

    For anybody who likes to blur the lines between sustainability and luxury, we have created a pre-fabricated hideaway that works in harmony with nature but still reflects all the charm and appeal of a Blue Forest Treehouse. The ecoPerch is flexible and can be assembled on the ground or as its name suggests, perched amongst the treetops. Its innovative and versatile design means that the ecoPerch can be used for a variety of purposes – anything from a guest house to an eco-Classroom or recording studio.

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  • “The ecoPerch has to be the Rolls Royce of modern modular tree houses” – Bridget Borgobello,

    The ecoPerch is intended especially to confirm with the Caravan and Mobile Homes Act, so it’s ideal for clients with planning concerns. The highly insulated, energy efficient lodge boasts low-voltage LED lighting and can be erected in approximately five days with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. A variety of renewable energy options are available including photovoltaic solar systems and rainwater harvesting systems, creating an entirely off-grid accommodation solution.

    Incredibly popular with businesses in the holiday and tourism industry, the ecoPerch is the ultimate self-catering retreat. It’s natural and organic geometry maximises the inside space, which comfortably sleeps up to four people with a layout that boasts a bathroom, open-plan kitchen and plenty of space for fitted furniture and effective storage solutions. It offers a 15 year life-span, and will last even longer with regular maintenance.

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  • Blue Forest EcoPerch

  • A contemporary and multi-functional classroom that offers a unique space for visitors and students studying animal conservation.

  • This ecoPerch Music Studio has been purpose built for the client, creating a stylish and inviting place for him to record his music, just a short commute along a decked walkway from his house!

  • Blackberry Wood Campsite is a wonderful campsite that boasts some of the quirkiest camping options we’ve seen to date, including a renovated double-decker bus, a “gypsy wagon”, and a converted search and rescue helicopter!

  • The Whitstable ecoPERCH showcases the combined adaptability and customisation possibilities of Blue Forest’s luxury ecoPERCH designs. This garden hideaway has been built specifically to provide the client with an additional living space for their property.

  • The Blue Forest ecoPerch is a wonderfully inviting retreat with the chic appearance and the household utilities of a modern ski chalet or cabin. Guests are treated to exclusive access to sustainable self-catering with this unmatched eco-living experience.