12th September 2017

New Playgrounds for Thomas’s Day Schools

Blue Forest Create New Playground for Thomas’s London Day Schools

Blue Forest are delighted to have finished work on two new play grounds for Thomas’s London Day Schools. The play grounds at Thomas’s Clapham and Thomas’s Battersea are entirely bespoke and have been created to enhance the school sites, creating a stimulating environment for the children to enjoy.

Thomas’s Clapham

Taking inspiration from Tolkein’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ the Thomas’s Clapham playground is made up of a series of bespoke, imaginative and predominantly natural structures that offer the children a wide range of play experiences.

Imaginative and adventurous play is encouraged throughout – The Enchanted Treehouse and Hobbiton Hole offer unique spaces for the children play and hide in. Helms Deep Castle, Shelob’s Web and The Middle Earth Dragon offer a range of energetic play experiences that build strength through activities such as climbing and balancing.

Shelob’s Web also provides a place for social interactions on a low-rise ‘chill-out’ net that is suspended within a large and sheltered gathering space suitable for outdoor lessons.

Thomas’s Battersea

The Thomas’s Battersea playground provides several distinct play zones for the children to enjoy, whilst still allowing for the free flow of the children from the main building.

Construction Play

The construction play zone encourages the children to develop their problem solving and creative skills. There is a hand carved wooden crane for manoeuvring wooden blocks and building towers. Even packing away is made fun with the hand controlled conveyor belt that places the blocks back in the building container. A small workshop can be found near the entrance with individual, personalised hard hats and visibility-vests for each child.

The Trike Track

The trike track provides a fun and energetic introduction to road safety, with hand controlled traffic lights, road signs and road markings. The children can race around on trikes, over wooden bridges and around road junctions.

The Cave, The Boat and The Mud Kitchen

At the centre of the playground is a ‘hobbit’ style den with a series of cave openings and tunnels providing hidden adventure for the children to explore. Adjacent to the cave is a small boat and pebble beach, perfect for imaginary journeys across the globe… or just to the mud kitchen and water play zone! There is so much more to mud than just getting messy, and the mud kitchen is where it all begins! A Mud Kitchen is a wonderful, versatile, piece of outdoor playground equipment that can form a solid base for a range of lesson plans. This area includes a traditional water pump, outdoor storage area and a sand pit.

Tom’s Italian Play House

The play house is a multi-sensory and versatile timber unit that provides a multitude of imaginary play scenes. The light weight structure can be rotated and repositioned when required with the use of wheels. Lightweight doors, hidden within the walls of the play house open to allow the children to role play shopkeepers with the grocery store, pizza making with the felt pizza kitchen, showcase their talents on the big stage with its very own ticket office and even visit the local mechanics and petrol station with their trikes.

Created for Play

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