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the brief

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  • Sussex Business Awards – Winner 2014

Inspired by the stunning geometry of the “Fibonacci Spiral”, this unique treehouse was designed to mimic the naturally occurring logarithmic spiral which can be found in shells, pinecones and crashing waves. Our concept also takes inspiration from Blue Forest’s ecoPERCH building, as well as other modern cabins and pods which combine an organic form with contemporary lines.

Built in Spain, the Fibonacci treehouse offers a natural hideaway within the relative cool of the woodland shade. Fitted with a modern kitchenette, including a drinks fridge and wine cooler, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a sunset cocktail, or entertain friends.

the design process


  • Bedroom Bedroom
  • Kitchen Kitchen
  • Toilet Toilet
  • Shower Shower
  • Outdoor Bath Outdoor Bath
  • Satellite Deck Satellite Deck

the design

Woodland Decks and Rope Bridges

Linked by over 40m of adventurous rope bridges, the Fibonacci treehouse is made up of four different tree decks which are spread out across the woodlands. Halfway along the suspended walkway, you’ll find a 3.5m high tree deck which leads to a stainless steel slide that curves through the pine trees.

Primarily designed with the ‘big kids’ in mind, this slide is not for the faint hearted. Suitable for children of 6 years and above, it offers an exhilarating ride, coming to a halt at the entrance of the garden near the client’s outdoor cinema and bar. Never let it be said that our treehouses don’t offer something for everyone!

A fantastic combination of natural and modern materials, the Fibonacci treehouse contrasts superbly with the colours and textures of the surrounding flora and fauna. Not only is the Fibonacci treehouse an attractive and unique addition to the client’s property, it also transforms a beautiful but unused area in the grounds.

The structure is finished with larch boards and features a handcrafted copper fascia with rustic rope detailing. The interior is light and airy, with extensive glazing and a folding sliding door which can be opened up on particularly warm days. In addition, the treehouse includes a large external deck, offering plenty of space for additional seating, and views back across the woodland and garden towards the client’s villa.

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