12th September 2013

Tree House inspired by “Fibonacci Spiral”

Fibonacci Tree House - Blue Forest (5)
The Fibonacci Treehouse’s curve emulates that of the golden spiral. One wall can be entirely opened to the outside, creating a large free flowing space.

Built in Spain, the tree house provides a natural hideaway within the relative cool of the woodland.

This unusual tree house designed and built by Blue Forest was inspired by the geometry of the “Fibonacci Spiral”.

This is the perfect place to enjoy a sun downer or entertain friends. Multiple rope bridges meander through the woods from deck to deck, leading to the curvy tree house and a dramatic slide over 20m long!

Primarily designed with the ‘big kids’ in mind this slide is not for the faint hearted! Appropriate for children of 6 yrs and above it offers an exhilarating ride, ending at the entrance to the garden and close to the client’s outdoor cinema and bar.

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