19th August 2016

We Design The First Swallows And Amazons Treehouse

They were the classic wilderness adventure novels filled with sailing boats, treasure maps and campfires! Mainly focused around childhood innocence and discovery, Swallows and Amazons revolves around the four Walker siblings and their summer holiday spent in the Lake District. There are a few of us here at Blue Forest who as kids avidly read the famous books by Arthur Ransome, so to celebrate the release of the new film on the 19th of August we decided to put our creative heads together and dream up a Swallows and Amazons treehouse.

Swallows and Amazons Treehouse

It wasn’t difficult for us to create a children’s fantasy design inspired by pirates and sailing dinghies – the treehouse has a distinctive style with reclaimed wood features. With boxy shapes and jagged edges, the design has a wonderfully natural, ‘DIY’ feel. A look-out crows next at the very top of the treehouse offers expansive views across the island, making it the ideal location for watch duty.

Swallows and Amazons Treehouse 2

As a secret den, the treehouse has to be high up to keep out of the way of invading pirates or unwanted grownups. Inside there is plenty of space for keeping blankets, bows and arrows and supplies, with separate rooms for club meetings and battle strategies. There’s a small kitchenette for when the children are peckish for a slice of gooseberry tart or some jam sandwiches.

Swallows and Amazons CGI

So who does this treehouse belong to? The Swallows or The Amazons? This is where we started to disagree with each other so in the end we decided to make interior mood boards for both. The nautical theme features heavily across the two schemes with rope detail, nets, ladders and boats. But The Swallows scheme has a white, bright and minimal feel while The Amazons scheme carries a darker, richer and more rustic vibe.

Swallows Treehouse

Amazon Treehouse

We want to know which style you think is the best, so please head over to our Facebook page here and cast your vote. For more information about our bespoke design services, please do give the team a call in the office or download our brochure here.



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