24th July 2012

How We Became The Treehouse Designers, with Simon Payne

We’ve built a reputation over the years for being the most imaginative and pioneering treehouse designers around! We love creating buildings that reflect their natural settings, nestled amongst the branches or tucked away in the woods. We speak to Marketing & PR Director Simon Payne, to find out how it all began back in 2003. 

How did you come up with the idea of building treehouses?

Andy and I were born in Kenya where we were fortunate enough to have spent our childhood surrounded by the beauty and adventure of the great outdoors. Following completion of his degree course, Andy gained significant timber framing and construction expertise through a combination of business and voluntary experience in both the UK & Japan.

This included the design and construction of a canopy walkway and tree house for a friend who runs a conservation project in Kenya. Blue Forest was born of these experiences and from a desire to bring people closer to the natural world.

The name Blue Forest comes from the Japanese Region called “Aomori” meaning ‘Blue Forest’ – named after the ‘blue’ appearance of the distant pine forests in this mountainous region of Japan.

What is the most bizarre-unique treehouse that you have built?

I think most of our treehouses probably seem bizarre to anyone who is not used to the concept of people building luxury treehouses! When you say the word “treehouse” most people think of a few pieces of timber and palette up in the branches of a tree. As you can see from our website this is not the type of treehouse we build.

We have completed a wide variety of strange treehouse requests, including installing: an Aga oven, hot tubs, home cinemas, offices, wet rooms, secret tunnels and even a treehouse with a separate door for the fairies!!

Which is your favourite treehouse from your portfolio?

My favourite treehouse project is called the “Living The Highlife Treehouse”. You can see some pictures of the treehouses and read more about the project here.

Have you built a treehouse for yourself? (not including the treehouses you built as children!)

Shortly after we started Blue Forest we built a treehouse as our office. Over the years we have out grown this space and so the treehouse has now been converted into holiday accommodation for people who want to stay in a luxury treehouse.

Do you have any projects on at the moment?

Yes we are working on a number of different projects around the country, including treehouses for kids and adults. In addition to our treehouse designs we are working on the following commercial schemes.

Where are most of your clients from?

Most of our clients are in the UK. We do complete a number of projects across Europe each year. Indeed, we have recently finished a treehouse in Tuscany, Italy

The demand for treehouse designers is there in Europe, but these tend to be based around architectural design consultancy and project management. Our latest “worldwide” project was in Malawi, called Tongole Wilderness Lodge.

What is next for the treehouse designers?

The latest development is a concept we have called the eco-PERCH.

The Concept:

The eco-PERCH concept is based on Blue Forest’s famous treehouses. It’s natural, organic geometry maximises the relationship between the inside space and the outdoor setting, ensuring the structure sits harmoniously within the landscape.

This versatile accommodation unit offers guests an unrivaled experience and provides clients with a vivid resource for PR and marketing, helping to set them apart from the competition. The eco-PERCH design is flexible and can be adapted to suit your site where existing infrastructure is already in place. With options to assemble your building on the ground or in the treetops there are infinite possibilities for creating accommodation with a difference.

Further information regarding Blue Forest: Contact: Simon Payne,

Email: simon@blueforest.com or Tel: 01892 750090


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