11th June 2015

Three Fantastic Sunny Treehouse Locations

If you dream of watching cloudless blue skies from a luxury treehouse balcony or dining al fresco on a tree top verandah, the following sunny treehouse locations could be just the ticket!

Our Blue Forest team are proud of our reputation for building some of the most inventive, innovative and downright impressive treehouses in the UK.

We’ve built magical Hogwarts treehouses and experimented with the latest technology to create the Quiet Treehouse for those looking to find a bit of peace and quiet in their treehouse getaway. But we’ve also built breath-taking retreats across the seas, too…

Branching out to Spain

The Tarifa Ecolodge, built and designed by Blue Forest,  makes use of solar energy and has a water purification system.

Blue Forest’s Tarifa EcoLodge in Andalucia features three distinct lodges with each one offering breathtaking views of the North African coastline across the Straits of Gibraltar. Envisage a spot of sunbathing high up in the treetops,away from the hustle and bustle of beach goers.

The Tarifa EcoLodge uses a number of eco-friendly additions including solar energy and water heating solutions, composting toilets and a water retention and purification system. The project was built as a holiday home for an English client so they can can enjoy a luxurious holiday whilst relaxing in the knowledge that they are causing minimal impact to the environment.

Fibonacci Tree House - Blue Forest (5)

Our Fibonacci Treehouse based in Spain beautifully complements its woodland surroundings with natural and organic curves inspired by the Fibonacci Spiral. The combination of organic materials and contemporary design helps to make this treehouse visually stunning while retaining an affinity with its roots in nature.

The structure accomplishes a thoroughly modern and stylish aesthetic whilst remaining at one with Spanish forest which envelops it. For added Fibonacci fun there is also an 23 meter slide attached to the building made from stainless steel to reflect the surrounding trees and please the big kids.

A year-round Italian paradise

armonia naturale

The Armonia Naturale Treehouse at Lake Garda provides the best of both seasons, turning into a snowy wonderland during the winter months and a sunny paradise as the weather grows warmer.

Made from a combination of rustic timber cladding and cedar shingles, the treehouse blends organically with its woodland surroundings and provides a natural and relaxing hideaway for visitors of all ages.

The Treetop Decks Treehouse sits nestled in the picturesque Tuscan countryside in Western Italy. Whether you would rather soak up the sun, admire the view or perhaps embrace your inner child and tackle the climbing wall, a Blue Forest treehouse in rural Tuscany can be the perfect balance between relaxation and play.

A treehouse lodge in Malawi

The Tongole Wilderness Lodge in Malawi, a treehouse designed by Blue Forest, was built with locally sourced materials where possible.

Now for something completely different: The Tongole Wilderness Lodge aimed to merge Malawian aesthetics seamlessly with the exceptional surroundings. The breathtaking surroundings of the lodge were constantly considered during the design and construction process. . The red earth on which it sits makes up much of the building and wherever possible rocks and wood from the vicinity were also used.

It was incredibly important to us to create a structure that worked with the environment rather than against it, to help complement the beauty of Malawi with minimal impact rather than disrupt it. The building has been built in as environmentally friendly way as possible and provides visitors with an immersive experience of Malawi’s wildlife.

We were thrilled when the Tongole Wilderness Lodge was featured by CNN as 1 of the 10 best Safaris for 2015!


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