Little Acorn Treehouse

the brief

Welcome to the Little Acorn Treehouse


  • Sussex Business Awards – Winner 2014

The family wanted to create a treetop hangout for their teenage children and their friends, hoping to give them their own private space where they could escape the daily pressures of school and exams. Instead of opting for a more traditional garden room or annex, they wanted to create something that was fun and would encourage the kids to spend as much time in the open air as possible. A beautiful old Oak stands in their garden with magnificent sweeping branches – and while it was undeniably the ideal spot for a treehouse, it was important that the structure would complement the tree. The family also wanted the interior to feature some teenage-friendly technology to keep them engaged and entertained.

the design process


  • Toilet Toilet
  • Kitchen Kitchen
  • Satellite Deck Satellite Deck

the design

Embracing the outdoors begins here

The Little Acorn Treehouse is a fantastic hideaway, perfectly nestled among the branches of the great Oak tree without damaging the trunk. The treehouse boasts a bespoke home cinema with surround sound system, including a state-of-the-art audio-visual which is linked to the main house’s digital library of films and box sets. For peace of mind, the treehouse is equipped with an intercom system so that parents can keep in touch.

Beyond the technology hub is a contemporary kitchenette and bar. A drinks fridge and two wine coolers can be kept fully stocked for visiting guests or impromptu parties, along with plenty of surface space and a sink for clearing up. On a practical note, the building includes a bathroom with toilet to provide somewhere to freshen up during sleepovers and gatherings.

Little Acorn’s interior is a combination of beautiful oak flooring and premium grade cedar lining, which gives character to the open-plan space. The tone of the different timber materials suggests warmth and comfort, while giving the room a lovely woody scent. On the outside, the combination of wood panelling mixed with shingles on the lower section of the walls gives the building a sense of scale. The natural tones of the wooden cladding and shingles mimics the earth, tree trunks and leaves of the host oak tree.

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