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the brief

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  • Sussex Business Awards – Winner 2014
  • Build Interior Design Awards – Winner 2018

With two young children, our client wanted to create a special space within their garden for their family to enjoy together. Our brief was to design a truly enchanting treehouse with a range of surprising and imaginative features, which the family have now named The Magic Home.

They loved the idea of an enchanting retreat which was designed for the whole family to use, where the young children could safely play and the grownups could share a light lunch in the sunshine while looking out over their beautifully tended gardens and tennis court. It was important that the treehouse would adapt to the needs of the children as they grow older and became more adventurous in their play.

The client also wanted a perfect entertaining space for hosting parties for friends and family, who could sleep over if needed.

the design process


  • Zipwire Zipwire
  • Kitchen Kitchen
  • Slide Slide
  • Secret Room Secret Room
  • Shower Shower
  • Toilet Toilet

the design

A secret staircase hidden behind a bookshelf…

Close to surrounding woodlands and sporting an attractive turret roof line, the treehouse boasts a stainless-steel tube slide and a zip wire that will keep the children entertained for hours. Aside from the traditional play features such as rope bridges and swings, The Magic Home also offers the children of the family a unique play area of their own. A secret spiral staircase can be found hidden behind a revolving bespoke bookcase. The fairytale style staircase leads up to a cosy playroom with beautiful ceiling beams, a dormer window and glazed balustrade giving views down into the main room of the treehouse.

Giant books have been stacked to one side to create a creative writing desk, and a moon light hangs down from the ceiling. You might think that a small wardrobe is an odd thing to find in a children’s secret playroom but just like the wardrobe in Narnia, if you open the doors you’ll discover the entrance to the tube slide which curves all the way round the treehouse to the sandpit outside.

A truly unique space, the treehouse is also perfect for entertaining friends and visitors with a bespoke curved sofa which also acts as a comfortable bed. Standing in the centre of the living space is a contemporary de-barked tree support column with LED floor lights surrounding the base. A marble-top kitchenette allows for afternoon lunches or evening party canapes to be easily prepared from the treehouse, which can then be enjoyed on the decks outside.

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