29th July 2022

Timeless Treehouse Designs

We love designing new and innovative treehouses, and pushing the boundaries of creativity and design is something we have become very proud of here at Blue Forest. When we show a potential new client our portfolio of treehouses, we find that almost all of them are drawn to the same ones, and we have to admit they are usually our favourite ones too! So we thought we would share our top 5 treehouse designs with you and see what you think.

Faun’s Realm Treehouse

Imagine opening the door to your treehouse to find a pixie grotto where glowing moon orbs hang from the ceiling and pink blossoms grow from the beams. Explore your own little world of deep magic and mythical creatures with Faun’s Realm Treehouse, a children’s playhouse fit for valiant Kings and Queens of Narnia and their friends. The children of the family were the key influencers for this bespoke scheme, providing our designers with their own sketches and ideas. This resulted in a very special and personal treehouse, where the children can play and create memories which they will cherish for years to come.

From the copper-gold dragon scales on the turret roof to the hand-carved toadstool table and chairs, this treehouse’s design lends itself to the incredible fantasy world created in the classic books by C.S. Lewis. Running over the rope bridge, it is impossible not to imagine yourself crossing the Eastern Ocean to the world’s end. Pretend you are standing at the helm of the Dawn Treader as you look out from the satellite deck and hoist up maps and battle plans using the basket and pulley.

Beautifully finished to the highest standards, the spacious interior allows you to disappear into your own secluded world with storage space for toys built underneath a bay window seat. On the other side of the room stands a great Oak hand-crafted wardrobe – the sort that has a looking-glass in the door – which is decorated with twinkly firefly lights. Inside, several long fur coats hang from the rail just as you would expect in any old wardrobe, until you go in further to discover a hobbit door that opens up to reveal a mighty stainless-steel tube slide curving out round the treehouse to the garden below – it truly is magical!

Bluebell Sparkle Treehouse

Hidden amongst the mature trees in the family’s garden, the Bluebell Sparkle Treehouse catches both the eye and imagination from the first moment you see it. From the winding staircase leading up to the expansive wooden deck, to the quirky windows and 2 elegant turrets, it really does transport you into a magical world fit for fairies and princesses.

Finished in our classic premium-grade Cedar cladding with 2 spectacular copper turrets, this magical treehouse was an absolute delight to build. As soon as you walk through the door, you are transported into a fairy-tale wonderland. The hidden door to the left opens up to expose a secret reading room, complete with handmade desk, hidden cupboards, quaint windows and a truly gorgeous fluffy little seat.

The main space of the treehouse features many delightful features including the cosy window seat as well as the double doors opening to a real-life princess balcony!

A clever use of space has been the addition of a roped-mezzanine level – the perfect spot to relax and gaze up at the fairy lights hidden in the ceiling above. Another magical touch to the Bluebell Sparkle Treehouse is the Narnia wardrobe which opens up to reveal the secret slide escape route.

Additional features of this magical little treehouse are the zip wire, wobbly rope-bridge to satellite deck, climbing wall, rope ladder and fireman’s pole.

The Lookout Treehouse

The Lookout Treehouse has been designed for everyone in the family. With breath taking views of the far-reaching countryside, it is an incredibly beautiful spot to relax and enjoy the sunset, while the children start their outdoor adventures!

The treehouse itself has been designed with children in mind – with an abundance of play equipment to keep them occupied. Inside there are two wonderfully cosy window seats, perfect for curling up with a good book on a winter’s day while the wood-burning stove keeps you nice and toasty.

Outside, there is plenty to keep you occupied, from the wobbly rope bridge leading to a magnificent viewing deck, to the climbing net, exhilarating slide and even a basket and pulley to transport any snacks from ground level up to the treehouse. The addition of a swing set ensures children of all ages will be kept entertained for hours on end outdoors.

What we really love about this treehouse is that it has been built amongst the trees so perfectly that it looks like it has been there for years! The magnificent tree in the centre of the deck adds wonderful shade protection in the summer and creates a picture-perfect setting for this beautiful Lookout Treehouse.

Escape to Narnia Treehouse

This truly magnificent, two-story tree house was initially showcased at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018 – but after a few adjustments and additions it is now beautifully nestled within the client’s garden! This Escape to Narnia Tree House is decked to the rafters with quirky features and fun play equipment, making it the hideaway of your dreams. It has something for everyone; accommodating for both small and big kids! The grownups can enjoy cocktails either nestled alongside the wood-burning stove, or on the magnificent deck and sunken fire-pit outside. The children will be entertained for hours in the wonderful upstairs playroom which has a few surprises in store!

The Escape To Narnia Tree house is spectacular; filled with hidden treasures that delight and inspire. As you first ascend the spiral staircase, you are welcomed onto a magnificent main deck, complete with sunken fire-pit, a fireman’s pole and zip wire. An additional rope bridge can be crossed to a separate satellite deck which has its own climbing net.

Crafted from exceptional materials, the tree house is finished in premium grade Cedar and has been designed and hand-crafted to the very highest of standards. Intricate rope work follows the lines of the ceilings and rafters, fairy lights flicker in the ceiling and a wood burning stove keeps it feeling snug in the winter. A little sunken window seat makes the perfect reading nook to tuck yourself into with your favourite book.

Upstairs in the playroom. you are transported into the wonderful world of Narnia. As you open the ornate wardrobe doors and pull aside the heavy fur coats, the elaborate 11m slide is revealed, and you are whisked away out of the tree house and into the garden below! 

Mystical Castle Treehouse

The Mystical Castle Treehouse has been designed as a family treehouse, with something for everyone. The spiral staircase leads you up to the expansive main treehouse deck which as two adjoining decks that are accessed via rope bridges on either side.

To the right, there is an adventurous wobbly rope bridge that takes you to an existing play deck, offering a magnificent crow’s nest look out point for the keen explorer.

To the left there is another rope bridge leading down to a luxurious entertainment deck with a kitchenette/bar and covered dining area, perfect for the adults to enjoy an alfresco meal or cozy evening drinks around the firepit table.

As you make your way back to the main treehouse deck you are welcomed into a magical world of wonder and adventure. The 2 storey-treehouse, clad in a mixture of vertical and Cedar shingles, is perfectly positioned amongst the trees, and offers a wonderful space for children and adults to enjoy.

The fairytale turrets, reading nooks and additional play equipment add to the magical feel of this truly beautiful Mystical Castle Treehouse.

If you would like more information on our treehouses and ground based structures, you can email us at info@www.blueforest.com or call us on 01892 750090 – we would love to hear from you!


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