24th October 2019

Taking Plants To New Heights! Beginners Air Plant Guide

We’re loving Air Plants at the moment, because they don’t need soil and can grow anywhere. This means that you can get creative with them, and any plant that offers endless possibilities gets a big thumbs up from us.

For a long time, succulents were big news in the world of interiors. It seems like we’ve not been able to get enough of these easy-to-maintain plants; putting them into everything from vintage bowls and ceramic planters to teacups and wedding favours.

Air Plants, however, seem to be new on the scene so it’s time to shed some light on what they are, why they look so weird and how you can grow them at home…

What are Air Plants? 

Air Plants are perennial tropical plants which are usually found growing in areas that have high temperatures all year round with a humid climate. The fascinating thing about these plants is that they grow in their own way, quite unlike any other plant might do. In their natural environment they will usually latch onto the branches of trees, so they don’t need any soil to grow.

Air Plants are not parasitic however, so while they might anchor themselves onto another species, they won’t take any moisture or nutrients from their host. They get everything they need from the air surrounding them.

In non-tropical areas like ours, they can easily be grown as houseplants. Most come in a wonderful grey-green colour, but there are plenty of sizes, shapes and textures to choose from.

Where can you put them at home?

You can put Air Plants anywhere, as long as they get adequate amounts of light and moisture. This is why we adore them so much, because the imaginative possibilities are endless.

They can be mounted into wire frames to create a living wall feature, suspended from the ceiling with string, hung from wooden planters, arranged in the middle of tables as a centrepiece or added to glass terrariums.

Just be warned, they don’t like being in contact with copper – if you want to achieve the same look, you can opt for a mock-copper vessel instead.

How to grow them at home.

They like bright, indirect sunshine but the more light Air Plants get, the more watering they will need. You can either mist them regularly with a spray bottle or submerge them fully in water for 20 minutes once a week, depending on your climate.

If you put them in water, make sure you let them dry upside down on a piece of kitchen towel and don’t let the water run into the crown of the plant.

In the summertime, they may well be very happy outside, but they need to come in during the winter. These plants are super low maintenance so they won’t need much looking after. Occasionally darker leaves can be found at the base which can be trimmed, and you can get a fertiliser which is specific to Air Plants which you can add to their water once a month.

Blooming marvellous!

Air Plants can last for several years but they only bloom once in their lifetimes, making it a very special occasion indeed when their flowers burst open.

Their petals can be a range of vibrant colours and can also be very fragrant. They can last from days to months depending on the variety of Air Plant you have.


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