At The Water’s Edge

the brief

Calm and peaceful At The Water’s Edge


  • Home Builder Awards 2017 – Build

This spectacular scheme embodies two essential elements of treehouse living: escape and shared experience. With a fairytale treehouse village for the young ones and a tranquil lake house for the adults, everyone in the family has their own space to escape to.

the design process


  • Toilet Toilet
  • Shower Shower
  • Satellite Deck Satellite Deck
  • Scramble Net Scramble Net
  • Fireman's Pole Fireman’s Pole
  • Reading Nook Reading Nook

the design

Enjoy luxury and comfort At The Water’s Edge

Clad with western red Cedar shingles and waney edge cladding, the three treehouses are clustered together in the garden to create a small treetop village for the children of the family to play in. Located near the carp koi lake, they are still close enough to the grownup’s Lake House so their parents can keep a watchful eye over them as they play. In the village, where each treehouse has a unique style for each child, a network of Indiana-Jones style rope bridges connects everything together. When they want some quiet time, the children can retreat to their own treehouses which are decorated with their own interior colour schemes.

The treehouse roofs are finished with western red Cedar shingles, ensuring that they blend into the surrounding woodland, and features a single turret made of copper shingles which glints in the sunshine. The treehouses can be accessed in several ways, including a graceful rough-hewn spiral staircase and cargo nets.

The Lake House is a contemporary space for the grown-ups to enjoy, sitting on a decked platform overlooking the lake towards the back of the garden. Inside includes a small private gym space with state-of-the-art exercise machines and a luxury shower room. The entire front curve of the structure is paneled with floor to ceiling windows, letting in plenty of natural light.

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