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  • Testimonials
    It has proved so successful we are quite staggered by its popularity.
    Martin Cummings, Amberley Castle Hotel, UK

Blue Forest – The Treehouse People

Blue Forest is an award winning company that specialises in the design and construction of luxurious treehouses and unique sustainable buildings.

The Blue Forest team have built hundreds of treehouses around the world. Despite the traditional stereotype, tree houses are not just for children! Our portfolio includes everything from fantasy treehouse castles to kid’s dens, exclusive treehouse accommodation and custom built eco-classrooms and sustainable buildings.

Treehouse Design & Construction

We provide a turnkey solution, where everything from architectural design and planning to construction and commissioning comes in an easy, reliable and professional package.

Blue Forest have undertaken contracts of all sizes around the world. From a luxury ecolodge in Malawi, to jungle bridges in the Maldives and a number of treehouse hotels around the world.

Exclusive Treehouses & Sustainable Buildings

Treehouses have always been a symbol of imagination and adventure. Through the unique and creative nature of our treehouse designs we aim to change people’s perspectives, unlocking their imaginations and transporting them into a treetop world above the stresses of everyday life.

Whatever your dreams we trust that you will enjoy this little taste of our world!


  • Steve Backshall Challenge

    Steve Backshall Devizes to Westminster

    Adventurer and TV presenter Steve Backshall and his rowing partner George Barnicoat have completed the Devizes to Westminster race in 23hrs, 17mins – beating Steve Backshall’s previous attempt of 24 hours. Blue Forest are delighted to have sponsored the team who have now raised more than £22,000 for the World Land Trust to save rainforest in Colombia.Continue Reading

  • Blue Forest Support Steve Backshall

    Photographer Martin Hartley

    Blue Forest are delighted to be supporting Steve Backshall in the Devizes to Westminster canoe race. The 125m race is probably the toughest thing you can do on two paddles! Steve Backshall and his partner George Barnicoat are taking on this crazy challenge in an effort to protect a section of Colombian rainforest, saving it from logging,Continue Reading

  • Meet Our Treehouse Architect-cum-Magician

    Philip Ryan, Blue Forest

    Working for Blue Forest, architect Philip Ryan is able to combine his passion for magic and love for natural building materials into designing fantastical tree-top escapes. Q: Designing treehouses sounds like an incredible vocation, but it’s probably not something you start out studying for. How did you get into the industry? During my architectural studiesContinue Reading

  • Ways of getting in and out of treehouses


      When treehouses were simple creations that lasted a long summer and could be built in a day, you could climb in and out on a single rope ladder. With a treehouse built to stand the test of time the number of ways to ascend and escape are as broad as the imagination. Here’s aContinue Reading

  • Meet the Treehouse Architect

    Marc Storms, Blue Forest

    When budding architects graduate from designing childhood play dens to multi-storey buildings, a lucky few get to return to the dreams they harboured in their youth. Blue Forest’s treehouse architect Marc Storms is one of them.  Q: Designing treehouses sounds like an incredible vocation, but it’s probably not something you start out studying for. How didContinue Reading

  • It’s not just a treehouse. Ten different uses for treehouses & hideaways.

    Treetop Pavilion - Blue Forest

    Treehouses are not just the makeshift structures we might have tried to put together as a child. They can be so much more than that. From music studios to quiet retreats, treehouses are so flexible (and a little bit magical) that they can be built to perform almost any function. Every treehouse we’ve built atContinue Reading

  • Design a Tree House Poster Competition

    Poster Competition

    Blue Forest are Delighted to Announce the Launch of a Tree House Competition in Conjunction with Sevenoaks School Science Week 2015. Blue Forest are delighted to be running a poster competition in conjunction with Sevenoaks School Science Week 2015 (March 2-6) – Open to all children aged 5-11 yrs within the UK. The aim of the competition is to raiseContinue Reading

  • Meet the Treehouse Architectural Designer

    Matthew Harwood, Blue Forest

    Treehouse design is not just the pastime of imaginative children. A lucky few get to do it for a living. Meet Matthew Harwood, Architectural Designer at Blue Forest. ​ Q: Designing treehouses sounds like an incredible vocation, but it’s probably not something you start out studying for. How did you get into the industry? BeforeContinue Reading

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