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  • Testimonials
    The standard of workmanship has been very high and we could not be happier, and we know we will enjoy using it enormously.
    Brigitte and Martin Skan, Hampshire

Blue Forest – The Treehouse People

Blue Forest is an award winning company that specialises in the design and construction of luxurious treehouses and unique sustainable buildings.

The Blue Forest team have built hundreds of treehouses around the world. Despite the traditional stereotype, tree houses are not just for children! Our portfolio includes everything from fantasy treehouse castles to kid’s dens, exclusive treehouse accommodation and custom built eco-classrooms and sustainable buildings.

Treehouse Design & Construction

We provide a turnkey solution, where everything from architectural design and planning to construction and commissioning comes in an easy, reliable and professional package.

Blue Forest have undertaken contracts of all sizes around the world. From a luxury ecolodge in Malawi, to jungle bridges in the Maldives and a number of treehouse hotels around the world.

Exclusive Treehouses & Sustainable Buildings

Treehouses have always been a symbol of imagination and adventure. Through the unique and creative nature of our treehouse designs we aim to change people’s perspectives, unlocking their imaginations and transporting them into a treetop world above the stresses of everyday life.

Whatever your dreams we trust that you will enjoy this little taste of our world!


  • Treehouse Heroes: This Guy

    treehouse heroes this guy

    This week’s Treehouse Hero entry is a bit of a silly one, and requires no explanation. What a guy. This elevating innovator is named Ethan Schlusser and comes from Idaho, USA. Ethan says his reason for constructing such an unorthodox route to his treehouse was simply that he “got tired of climbing a ladder sixContinue Reading

  • Do Treehouses Damage Trees?


    Today, we’re going to be asking if building treehouses damages trees, and if so, what methods we can employ to minimise this damage. The short answer is yes, a certain amount of damage to the tree is inevitable when building a treehouse. However, as living organisms, trees have ways of protecting themselves and recovering fromContinue Reading

  • Blue Forest’s Quiet Mark Treehouse by John Lewis among the central features at The RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

    Quiet Mark Treehouse and garden by John Lewis designed by Blue Forest

    We could say that our Quiet Treehouse is back with a bang, except that it’s kind of the opposite. Designed to showcase how “quiet technology” can be used to create a refuge from the racket of modern life, the Quiet Mark Treehouse and garden by John Lewis announces itself silently. The Quiet Treehouse is among the centralContinue Reading

  • Trees in fiction and the treehouses they inspire

    Harry Potter's Whomping Willow has a mind of its own. Image by LovelyHufflePuff.

    From mythology and religion in the times of norse gods and tapestries, we have had a continued fascination with trees. As they dominated our daily lives we made homes amongst them and treehouses in them. They are the stuff of fiction and wild imaginations and for a lucky few they become tangible play and leisureContinue Reading

  • Treehouse Hero – Joel “I guess I just wanted to build something cool” Allen

    joel allen treehouse 2

    What drives a man to abandon his career to learn carpentry, spend months of his life building an enigmatic wooden orb, only to live in it for a week and then relinquish any pretence of ownership to it? We’re not sure, but we’re glad he did it.   The Man: Today’s treehouse hero is JoelContinue Reading

  • Treehouse Heroes: Korowai People

    Korowai Treehouse BBC

    This week’s treehouse inspiration: We look at the Korowai Tribe’s authentic treehouses. If any of you haven’t watched BBC’s Human Planet series then we strongly recommend that you spend the next bank holiday investing some time in this extraordinary series. One of the episodes features a tribe in New Guinea known as the Korowai; aContinue Reading

  • Six fundamental tips for aspiring treehouse builders

    Rustic Den - Blue Forest

    We share a few basic tips for treehouse construction. To have a treehouse is a dream shared by children and grown-ups alike because it evokes freedom, authentic happiness, and allows genuine contract with nature. Simply, it is like abandoning the chaos of everyday life and feeling like a child again. Similar to dreams, treehouses canContinue Reading

  • Inspirational Treehouse Heroes: Takashi Kobayashi


    You may have noticed our ‘tree house heroes’ campaign running on Facebook in which we identify pros and amateurs who share the same passion for building treehouses and working with nature. This is a continuation of that campaign as we doff our hats to a truly inspirational treehouse hero on the other side of theContinue Reading

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