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    Bill and I arrived back from holiday yesterday to find a very different playground from the one we left twelve days previously! WOW…Well done Blue Forest!
    Deb Jordan, Owner of Pensthorpe Wildlife & Gardens.

Blue Forest – The Treehouse People

Blue Forest is an award winning company that specialises in the design and construction of luxurious treehouses and unique sustainable buildings.

The Blue Forest team have built hundreds of treehouses around the world. Despite the traditional stereotype, tree houses are not just for children! Our portfolio includes everything from fantasy treehouse castles to kid’s dens, exclusive treehouse accommodation and custom built eco-classrooms and sustainable buildings.

Treehouse Design & Construction

We provide a turnkey solution, where everything from architectural design and planning to construction and commissioning comes in an easy, reliable and professional package.

Blue Forest have undertaken contracts of all sizes around the world. From a luxury ecolodge in Malawi, to jungle bridges in the Maldives and a number of treehouse hotels around the world.

Exclusive Treehouses & Sustainable Buildings

Treehouses have always been a symbol of imagination and adventure. Through the unique and creative nature of our treehouse designs we aim to change people’s perspectives, unlocking their imaginations and transporting them into a treetop world above the stresses of everyday life.

Whatever your dreams we trust that you will enjoy this little taste of our world!


  • What exactly is sustainable construction and how is Blue Forest doing its part?

    Whitstable ecoPERCH 7

    ‘Sustainable’, like ‘eco-friendly’, ‘environmentally friendly’ and ‘green’ are terms applied to processes and materials that are manufactured in ways that have a relatively low impact on the environment and pose the lowest possible amount of environmental threat through their transport, use and disposal. Fossil fuels are typically at the opposite end of this spectrum. TheyContinue Reading

  • Treehouse Heroes: Julia ‘Butterfly’ Hill


    At Blue Forest we are committed environmentalists, and of course, given our affinity for trees, we have a special interest in forest preservation. So when we heard the tale of the woman who lived exclusively in a tree for 738 days just to stop it from being cut down, we knew we had to writeContinue Reading

  • Summer’s ending, but it’s not too late to bond with trees

    The Nook (7)

    As forecasters accurately predicted, August was replete with disappointing weather. However much to our delight, the Met Office have raised hopes of an Indian Summer with an optimistic three-month outlook. News of this forthcoming weather shift is very welcome in slowing the sobering message that summer is drawing to a close. So there’s still plentyContinue Reading

  • Tree Houses In Fiction – 6th September is Read A Book Day

    Blue Forest Alice's Tree House (1)

    What do tree houses symbolise for you? Ask almost anyone and they will have a distinct childhood experience – whether they built their own, played in a friends or simply dreamt of having one. And each experience will have its own symbolic value: from that first taste of freedom to developing an appetite for adventureContinue Reading

  • Treehouse Heroes: This Guy

    treehouse heroes this guy

    This week’s Treehouse Hero entry is a bit of a silly one, and requires no explanation. What a guy. This elevating innovator is named Ethan Schlusser and comes from Idaho, USA. Ethan says his reason for constructing such an unorthodox route to his treehouse was simply that he “got tired of climbing a ladder sixContinue Reading

  • Do Treehouses Damage Trees?


    Today, we’re going to be looking at the impact treehouses can have on trees, as well as the methods by which we can reduce this impact. Put simply, a treehouse will inevitably cause a certain amount of stress to a tree, and attempting to design a treehouse without sufficient understanding of tree anatomy can leadContinue Reading

  • Blue Forest’s Quiet Mark Treehouse by John Lewis among the central features at The RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

    Quiet Mark Treehouse and garden by John Lewis designed by Blue Forest

    We could say that our Quiet Treehouse is back with a bang, except that it’s kind of the opposite. Designed to showcase how “quiet technology” can be used to create a refuge from the racket of modern life, the Quiet Mark Treehouse and garden by John Lewis announces itself silently. The Quiet Treehouse is among the centralContinue Reading

  • Trees in fiction and the treehouses they inspire

    Harry Potter's Whomping Willow has a mind of its own. Image by LovelyHufflePuff.

    From mythology and religion in the times of norse gods and tapestries, we have had a continued fascination with trees. As they dominated our daily lives we made homes amongst them and treehouses in them. They are the stuff of fiction and wild imaginations and for a lucky few they become tangible play and leisureContinue Reading

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