Meet the Treehouse Architect

When budding architects graduate from designing childhood play dens to multi-storey buildings, a lucky few get to return to the dreams they harboured in their youth. Blue Forest’s treehouse architect Marc Storms is one of them. 

Q: Designing treehouses sounds like an incredible vocation, but it’s probably not something you start out studying for. How did you get into the industry?

When I started out as an architect I never thought I would design one. It makes a change after designing hospitals and office buildings which I did for many years!

Then I saw an advert for the position of Architect within the Blue Forest team. I applied for the job and have been happy ever since!

Q: What is your favourite part of the design process?

Making the composition work and transforming a concept or sketch into real construction drawings.

Q: I am sure you’re given all kinds of briefs and fantastical requests. Are there ever any projects that have you thinking: “It’s impossible, we’ll never manage that!”

Yes a lot. In fact most of them. But we always find a way… they always work out somehow. I enjoy the challenge.

Q: Is there an idea for a tree house that you have been thinking of but have not been able to realise as a live project yet?

I would love to build a swimming pool up in the trees!

Q: Which particular project or element of a project are you particularly proud of?

We recently built a Georgian style tree house with an elaborate Portico. It featured two beautiful hand carved Tuscan order columns in solid oak… 5m up in the trees!

Q: What would your dream treehouse look like?

It would blend into the tree and the interior would be warm like the inside of cigar box.

Q: Complete the sentence: “Every treehouse should have…

… a soul”

Q: Are treehouses the new yachts?

Perhaps an old wooden (nicely varnished) one that has sailed on the seven seas…

Q: If you weren’t designing tree houses what would you be doing right now?

Probably having a midlife crisis!