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    Form of Contract: Rental

    The Blue Forest ecoPerch is a wonderfully inviting retreat with the chic appearance and the household utilities of a modern ski chalet or cabin. Guests are treated to exclusive access to sustainable self-catering with this unmatched eco-living experience.

    Either perched among the trees or nestled at ground level, the carefully crafted exterior of the ecoPerch is designed to mesh seamlessly with the surrounding environment. Neither the beautiful design nor the landscape its placed in overshadow one another, instead they work cohesively together.

    This tree house uses organic geometry in its design to maximise space for home comforts and utilities

    The interior’s organic geometry manages to maximise the indoor space, allowing for comfortable yet functional use. The versatility of the structure means it can sleep up to four people, uncrowded, with a large double bed located in the main room and single size bunk beds situated in a separate room.

  • Additional features of the ecoPerch include a stylish kitchen area, complete with sink and oven with hobs, conveniently located breakfast bar and seating, sofa unit and fully functioning bathroom with shower, sink and toilet. The eco-friendly perch even comes fitted with a storage area for logs or outdoor equipment; accessible from the rear of the building

    Quick assembly and ecological features throughout make the ecoPerch sustainable and environmentally friendly

    This remarkable treehouse is purposefully made with sustainable construction materials throughout, low voltage LED lighting, internal softwood doors, an ‘’A’’ rated LPG or electric hot water heating system and provision for gray water drainage.

    With delivery, assembly and commissioning complete within approximately five working days (subject to site preparation) allows you and your guests quick usage with minimal interruption. The design is also flexible and can be adapted to suit your site; when existing infrastructure is in place.

    The ecoPerch is an all round better alternative to caravans and timber lodge accommodation

    Blue Forest has built the ecoPerch with specific awareness of the complexities of planning permission and building requirements. It has been designed to conform with the Caravan and Mobile Homes Act so that there are no legal stumbling blocks.

    With the numerous bespoke considerations and luxury, built-in design features, the ecoPerch is truly a sustainable alternative to low quality static caravan and timber lodge accommodation.

    The ecoPerch is an exclusive Blue Forest design. It helps to set us and our clients apart from the competition and can be utilised by businesses to increase profitability with minimal disruption to business.

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