Treehouse Design – Blue Forest Explores 6 Big Trends

Looking back over our work from the last six months, it’s exciting to see new treehouse design trends starting to emerge. That’s the magical thing about bespoke treehouses – because our designs are led by our clients’ imaginations, we’re always building something innovative and exciting.

  1. Copper Roofs and ‘Dragon Scales’

They are a part of any traditional fairy tale story, and with the rise of Game of Thrones hardly anyone can look at a treehouse covered in these ‘dragon scale’ shaped shingles without being reminded of a magnificent winged dragon. We’ve been using copper roofs and finials on our treehouses for a while now, but our Chelsea treehouse was the first design to include diamond-shaped copper shingles on the roof along with the new dragon scales, creating a completely unique look. Now, everyone is asking for them and we’re betting that it’s going to be a very popular feature.





At Waters Edge (27)


  1. Enjoy The Journey

Treehouses promise escape, and the best designs incorporate the process of ‘escaping’ or journeying away from the demands of a busy life. Clients are definitely looking for that ‘journey’ and our designs are no longer being restricted to a single treetop structure – we’re now creating extremely in
novative and unique woodland pathways, ladders, rope bridge jungles and decked walkways as a key part of our overall schemes.

Treehouse Visual 1

Crazy Decks (3)

The Enchanted Hideouts (8)


  1. Secret Tunnels and Narnia Wardrobes

A secret tunnel or Narnia Wardrobe really adds a touch of extra magic to a treehouse. We designed our first Narnia Wardrobe in The Magic Home treehouse and they’ve been a massive hit ever since. In one of our most recent children’s treehouses, we’ve used a Narnia Wardrobe to store a foldable bed which not only makes the treehouse ideal for sleepovers, but it also makes the space multi-functional which works well around the busy family’s lifestyle.IMG_5721



While treehouses are for everyone, secret tunnels and escape routes are especially for the kids. Many children find a real sense of adventure in crawling through tunnels that only they can use and they encourage imaginative play – one moment they could be Peter Pan escaping into their treehouse from pirates, the next they could be undercover spy agents infiltrating enemy headquarters… the possibilities are endless!IMG_5693

  1. Treehouse Design For The Birds

With the creation of a peaceful spot in the garden comes the desire to feel connected to the surrounding wildlife and, although a small detail, bird boxes have become increasingly popular. Not only do they look pretty and quaint, but they also help to turn your garden into a wildlife haven. Bird baths and feeders can be included too, as well as things like insect hotels and butterfly feeders. This latest treehouse design includes three bird boxes of different sizes (to accommodate different sized breeds) built into the walls of the treehouse. Cameras can be fitted to film the birds as they feed their young, or the back could be fitted with a one-way mirror to let you see into the nest.

The Lookout Tree House (5)


  1. De-Barked Trees Take Root

As opposed to having a live moving tree growing through your treehouse, which unfortunately can sometimes reduce the lifespan of the structure and tree, this somewhat contemporary design option brings the tree back into the building’s interior scheme. Here in The Magic Home treehouse, we used the tree to act both as a support column and a design feature, with a circle of LED floor lights around the base. We’ve also recently incorporated this look into a new design for a children’s bunk room:

Bunk Room Sketch - Romahi






Overall, we know that while there are always popular treehouse design trends the best treehouses are the ones that make you happy – never incorporate a style or feature just because it’s the “in” thing… choose it because it works for you and fits in with what you want to use your treehouse for. If you’d like to speak to someone from the design team to talk through your ideas, then do give us a ring on 01892 750090 or download a brochure here.